Playing Chinese WOW on US Servers? Is it possible?

chewstick at 03h21
Playing Chinese WOW on US Servers? Is it possible?

I so apologize ahead of time if this has been answered before. I have used the search function and nothing has really answered this questions..

My girlfriend speaks chinese and no english but wants to play wow in the US. I have characters already in the US server and I dont feel like starting over on Chinese servers, so is there a way to get her on? Ive tried changing the realmlist, but it doesnt seem to work. I get a splashscreen before logging [......]
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Hi, all. Just discovered this site yesterday, and have already learned a lot from you. Finally figured out how to use the American version of WoW on the Taiwan servers, thank you very much! I'm wondering who here is active on any of the Taiwan realms.
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