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Wanted to play WoW taiwan on my mac... but need a proxy that works on Mac platform.. anyone find one that works well? I signed up for one, but A) it's epensive and B) latency still sucks.
My current four Grotesques are actually Chaos Spawn, and they begin to look more than a little out of place in my army, as I'm gravitating towards various types of Exodite lizard riders. For the new models, I was thinking about putting Hydra heads on
Just found these and have bought 4 boxes for £30 (this includes delivery to the UK!!), which will make 2 squads of 4 and each squad will have a unique looking plastic model. As opposed to GW's £160 for 8 models that look the same and are made from
Setting up a proxy server for TWoW ! Below are 2 guides for 2 different proxy servers. I strongly recommend you to test both of these first before you start to use one! Which one will work best for you is only something you can see by checking it out,
So I am looking for a proxy for death cult assasins. I have not found a model so far that I have liked that will do the job. the reason why is because I think the models for GW are to much $$$$ for ho wmany you get. Does anyone have any sugestions?
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