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Thanks a lot dear
Wanted to play WoW taiwan on my mac... but need a proxy that works on Mac platform.. anyone find one that works well? I signed up for one, but A) it's epensive and B) latency still sucks.
Free Account - Free University Library Literature IE proxy (2014-03-18) University proxy address and port
My current four Grotesques are actually Chaos Spawn, and they begin to look more than a little out of place in my army, as I'm gravitating towards various types of Exodite lizard riders. For the new models, I was thinking about putting Hydra heads on
Just found these and have bought 4 boxes for £30 (this includes delivery to the UK!!), which will make 2 squads of 4 and each squad will have a unique looking plastic model. As opposed to GW's £160 for 8 models that look the same and are made from
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