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Chess Olympiad 2016 in Baku
Junior is the 2011 World Computer Chess Champions!!!!!!
Junior is the 2011 World Computer Chess Champions Congratulations to the Junior team.
Chess opening book (Wikipedia)
Chess opening book References .... Chess2U » Computer Chess Opening Books, /f4-computer-chess-opening-books
stoopid chess
New book I've created, optimized for Houdini 2.0c pro engine-engine matches. Settings screenshot included. optimize 0/100.
Opening Books (Bin Format)
RPC Arena V.1 > New
Fischer-Spassky board fetches record sum
The third game of the 1972 "Match of the Century" was played in a backroom of the Laugardalshöll theatre in Reykjavik, after Fischer had complained about disturbances in the main hall and not turned up for the second game. The board used in game
Prédateur UCI Chess Engine. by Julien Marcel
How to configure Thinker?
I installed the Thinker 5.4D but I can not play. How to configure Thinker? I request you explain me that with pictures because I do not know good English.
Minnows 2013
MINNOWS 2013 AMD Phenom II 6 core ChessGUI 256mb hash 3-4-5 piece tablebases Ponder off WorldClass2012-3.cgb book (limited to 8 move depth) 40 moves in 22 minutes repeating (adapted for the CCRL) All engines 64-bit where available 10 cycles 90
nemesis optimize 0/100
Pirarucu ====== Homepage : Author : Raoni Campos A Kotlin Chess Engine. Protocol : UCI Version : 1.2 ELO : 1800 Releases : Download cross-platform JAR
ChessStar-Hevy.ctg ?n99ronb3ygqtbfq Optimize: 1-100
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