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"change eye color naturally permanent"

Change eye color naturally (permanent)
I was bored yesterday so I decided to search if there is a way to change your eye color at home or naturally. So I found a forum that said you could use honey and water. You just boil water and add some honey. Put it in an empty eye dropper and use it
Change the color of your weapons
credit for this goes to knocky Anyway, we've been screwing around with the color commands and Ive been doing some digging. For anyone that wants to change the color or your weapons, explosions, ect. the command is "/powerhue 0 ###.
Guide about change PC eyes color
I saw in some posts people talking about changing the eyes color, it's quite simple so just follow these steps : Go to Program Files, open Activison folder then Bloodlines...inside open Vampire folder, go to "materials" and then
Change zipper color?
Most zippers are silver, but I've seen zippers in other colors before. I think it would be cool if we could change the zipper color of our backpacks.
[PSA] Colonial color change + other GFX tweaks
Hello, GUNners & GUNnettes :hellobig: Not sure many of you have noticed, but we've restructured and reorganized the Graphics Effects (G.FX.) Specialist team to be more involved and effective in shaping our forums. Base of operations is here:
Change Color of Eyes
I think it would be pretty cool if we could change the color of our eyes. For example, I like the style of eyes in my avatar, but I want them to be purple. Then one day, I may want them to be red or brown. Sadly, they only have green in this style. So
MCM menu- change color of the font
Hello gunners! I have a problem with the change of font color MCM menu, I wanted to get the effect that font of MCM menu was the same color as the main menu of the game. Do you know which file I need to edit to achieve this effect? I'll be very grateful i
[Closed] Alone again, naturally
[size=9]Time is around 10:00am on Monday, 22 February 2016. [/size] Well, wasn't this a rude awakening? I stood at the front door of my apartment, staring at my furniture, still covered in their dust sheets, the air reeking of melancholy. I stared
Jr.CyBearGuides can now change backpack color!
If you're a Jr.CyBearGuide head over to the clubhouse to change your backpack color! For 1,000 bear bills you can choose any color you like!
Black Rims Help!
Hello and good day, I try to add black BBS rims to the Peugeot and also the Acura and only the front wheels change to black. Does anybody know how to change all the rims to black on the car? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Chris
Permanent* Size Increase!
Alot of inappropiate jokes comes to mind, but I'll leave it to posters to set them up here. Anyway, now that we've got Day of the Dead here, I thought I'd talk about something that I've seen alot of RP'ers use, which they'll likely appreciate. If you're
The Skin Glitch
Hi guys, So I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the skin glitch; where the face color is a different color to the body. Does anybody know what can cause this? I've re-activated Archive Invalidation and set the bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1, so
Kos pasang BM Hon dan Fog Lite plus permanent Signal depan/belakang
As Salam.. Teman berselera nak pasang 3 benda kat atas nie.... Tulis balik lee kat bawah nie... 1. BM Hon 2. Fog Lite 3. Permanent signal depan belakang... Bleh tanya berapa kos yg terlibat dan kedai mane yekk....??
Custom poly-spell is permanent
The custom spell that polymorphs people. It needs to be fixed. If you make the save dc you still get polymorphed. And once you are polymorphed there is no cure. It sticks to your "pc-hide" even after death so whenever the server resets you becom
alternate Haemonculus color schemes?
Hi, everybody. I'm thinking about starting a new Dark Eldar army in the new few months. I loved the idea of the army and painted up the models that came with the 3rd Edition box, but strayed away from 40k for a while (school, work, other interests, the
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