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Guide about change PC eyes color
I saw in some posts people talking about changing the eyes color, it's quite simple so just follow these steps : Go to Program Files, open Activison folder then Bloodlines...inside open Vampire folder, go to "materials" and then
Black Rims Help!
Hello and good day, I try to add black BBS rims to the Peugeot and also the Acura and only the front wheels change to black. Does anybody know how to change all the rims to black on the car? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Chris
Faction Change and Gender Change Available on Mainland!
Yes! When I logged in to my Bnet account today, I noticed to my surprise by scrolling down, the options to faction change and gender change!
Banned -rs
Banned off Rs, No idea why. This will be my account for now "Szilard70"
A link about faction change in wow tw No date of implementation was mentioned. But it did say Paid Race Change Service was also a furture service.
wrongfully banned
Can someone help me? I've been banned from eRepublik because they think I have multi-accounts while in fact my brothers use the same internetconnection. I've explained it in my appeal, but i'm really worried i'll be perma-banned. I can't believe it.
Lyrics Help
Okay, im really new here and im trying to get the hang of things. I dont think this form has a section with color coded lyrics... Like it tells when Haruna sings, and Tomomi sings, and Rina sings and Mami sings. I really need lyrics like that so my
Hammering Out a Color Scheme
So my DE army will be using a 3 color scheme, primary being turquoise, secondary purple, and third orange/gold. My problem is where best to apply those colors. Here is a shot of my unfinished first model: So I really like the turquoise for the edge
Color me impressed. The color is Black
So... Found out something interesting too for Blood Angels... Okay, so the Death Company unit (troops choice) has "the Black Rage" which in addition to granting them the Rage rule (+2atks on charge) also prevents them from scoring. So...
Change in Ownership.
Hi guys. As of today, April 1st 2011, Oasis SMP is now owned by saeTan. He and I have had a few talks over the last few weeks, and we both decided it was for the best. He bought it from me last night, and everything went through today. I know this
Custom poly-spell is permanent
The custom spell that polymorphs people. It needs to be fixed. If you make the save dc you still get polymorphed. And once you are polymorphed there is no cure. It sticks to your "pc-hide" even after death so whenever the server resets you becom
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Anybody else played any of the games in this series... I've played 4, 5, zero and 6... can't wait for this next one to come out on Oct. 11! If you have not played any of these... start with 4 and definitely play 5... the stories are amazing, the
Which color would you prefer for the VETERANS group (anyone can vote)? Veterans Veterans Veterans Veterans Veterans Veterans Veterans We cannot use blue and green as they are already used, and orange is the current color. Red is too flashy
HuDpobIQ (Mt. Dew) Floats, which color/flavor works best?
Okay, almost everyone has had a Root Beer flost sometime in their lives...and maybe even a Coca cola or Cherry Coke version of that. How about Mountain Dew? Has anyone tried ice cream in a class of Mt. Dew? There are at least 4 colors of flavor
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