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Chess opening book (Wikipedia)
Chess opening book References .... Chess2U » Computer Chess Opening Books, /f4-computer-chess-opening-books
stoopid chess
Opening Books (Bin Format)
RPC Arena V.1 > New
Prédateur UCI Chess Engine. by Julien Marcel
Minnows 2013
MINNOWS 2013 AMD Phenom II 6 core ChessGUI 256mb hash 3-4-5 piece tablebases Ponder off WorldClass2012-3.cgb book (limited to 8 move depth) 40 moves in 22 minutes repeating (adapted for the CCRL) All engines 64-bit where available 10 cycles 90
nemesis optimize 0/100
Pirarucu ====== Homepage : Author : Raoni Campos A Kotlin Chess Engine. Protocol : UCI Version : 1.2 ELO : 1800 Releases : Download cross-platform JAR
Houdini 1.5a 32bit v/s Houdini 1.5a 64bit
What is the difference between two regarding strength and speed??
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