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Player's card weight
How do you find out player's card weight on Fifa 13 ultimate team. On FUT12 you would just go on but i checked that and i think its not on there anymore. Anyone know another way to find out player card weights?
How To Calculate Card Stats?
For example, for pace, they find the average between sprint speed and acceleration, but I need to know the equations for Dribbling (it's not dribbling), Shooting, Defending, Passing, and Heading. Thanks!
Ultimate team: the way it was meant to be played. (updated with day 7)
Juss out of curiosity, who when they make make a new club actually play Ultimate team the way it was meant to be played. I know this is not all black and blue.. but what I mean is, sustaining your club from scratch through only playing games. Everything
Demba ba's transferred card
I lol'ed this so hard. Around 8-10 hours ago, Demba ba was going for around 29-32k on PS3, I picked him up for 10k and listed him for buy now at 27k. He sold right away and I was really happy on the profit I made. Now.. he's going for around 8-9k.
Is there CF-ST Cards? i cant find them on the market anywhere
I cant find them on the market anywhere
Different pictures?
I was just wondering why the card pictures for players are sometimes different on the console to the pictures on the webapp, for example:
Looking to start my FIFA 12 ultimate team up again.
Does anyone have any players or coins that they are not using,which I'm pretty sure you aren't seeing how the game is so dead.
Team of the Tournament of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
Team of the Tournament of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Available in Packs: Midnight February 13 – 6pm February 16, 2015 (UK time) Starting Eleven: GK: Razak Brimah – CD Mirandés (Spain) – Ghana LB: Abdul Rahman Baba – FC Augsburg (Germany) – Ghana CB:
Fifa 13 Ultimate Team I Got Hacked
Okey, so what should I do? I got hacked about two weeks ago. The first thing I did was jumping around the world and shouting curse words. After that I realized why not to get the EA support. So I went in their website and it said that support is NOT
[FIFA 13] IF Lima Review
Alright, this is my first review so don't criticize me if i missing any important things out... Player: Rodrigo Jose Lima Dos Santos Formation: 41212 Price i paid: 30.5k Rating 9.5/10 Goals/Games: 9/5 I'm reviewing each card stat so here it
IF Del Piero
What do you think his price will get down to? Want to make this squad around him:
[FIFA 13] IF Adel Taarabt Review
Adel Taarabt Adel Taarabt is a Moroccan footballer who plays for QPR in the Barclays Premier League. His normal card is one of the best in the CAM position on the game as he has 5* skills and 5*weak foot. Pace: 82 - The upgrade is not that
[FIFA 12] Christiano Ronaldo Review! Finally Here.
So let me start by saying, HE IS A BEAAST! If you have the coins definately try him out. Below you will see a picture of his card i am reviewing followed by the pros and cons and overall review. Pros: -Very Strong -Silky 5* Skills -High
Fitness Team??
As this is my first year playing FUT, I'm still finding my feet. so this maybe a dumb question but I keep hearing folk talking about using a fitness team, and I'm wondering what is the purpose of a fitness team?
MOTM Courtois
Should I buy him now? Theres Rumors he is getting a TOTS. Hes around 48k at the moment
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