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I am making Ultimate Team card avatars. Donations are not required but are generously accepted . All donations will go on the donation wall below. Donation wall: - - - - Here are the card types: NEW (Credit to me and Photoshop
Legend cards in Ultimate Team?
Hey guys i've been hearing that a Legend team will be joining us in Ultimate team and i just wanted to know your guys's thoughts on this and whether you think it is real or not. If it is it must be EA being money making (Bad word) again Thanks
Player's card weight
How do you find out player's card weight on Fifa 13 ultimate team. On FUT12 you would just go on but i checked that and i think its not on there anymore. Anyone know another way to find out player card weights?
Ultimate team: the way it was meant to be played. (updated with day 7)
Juss out of curiosity, who when they make make a new club actually play Ultimate team the way it was meant to be played. I know this is not all black and blue.. but what I mean is, sustaining your club from scratch through only playing games. Everything
Demba ba's transferred card
I lol'ed this so hard. Around 8-10 hours ago, Demba ba was going for around 29-32k on PS3, I picked him up for 10k and listed him for buy now at 27k. He sold right away and I was really happy on the profit I made. Now.. he's going for around 8-9k.
Could someone tell me, how many pros actually have their own pro player card?
I know a few, e.g. Barton, Ferdinand, Shaw, Guthrie, but how many actually are there?
low card weight players?
I've just been searching market and came across this guy I know the reason he is expensive its because he transferred away from serie A and has a low card weight I've seen the same for porto version of hulk and real madrid diarra, i
Is there CF-ST Cards? i cant find them on the market anywhere
I cant find them on the market anywhere
Danny Guthrie's own UT card!
Looks pretty insane. Just to let the new people to Fifa know. He got this by contacting EA and saying basically 'I play UT on Xbox. I am the real Danny Guthrie could you make me a card for my account?'. They would probably ask for proof he would
guys right my UT is not working on my console... i go on it and a message comes up saying... we are sorry but there has been an error connecting to fifa 13 ultimate team... wtf help please
Different pictures?
I was just wondering why the card pictures for players are sometimes different on the console to the pictures on the webapp, for example:
Zipko's Ultimate Team
Zipko was the first person to ever create an autobuyer. This is his team...
FUT 12 team
My Fifa 12 finally came today (had to buy a new one because I couldn't find my old disc) I'm after a team which has TOTY Aguero, TOTY Cabaye and SIF Ben Arfa, this is what I came up with: Any improvements, would love MOTM Cech but he costs too
29/5/13 + 5/6/13 TOTS Information! - Ameobi 95 Card
I will start with the Ameobi Card Wazza he is on PS3 ask to lend him Now the juicy bit of the thread L'equipe - I think it's like a French Sky Sports. Anyway, the France Team of the Season was announced several days ago. BUT, the site has
New Akinfenwa Card
Ea Sports recently gave Akinfenwa a gold inform card check out @easportsfifa on twitter for the tweet
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