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FIFA 14 - 30k Squad Review with Cheap IF
I decided to build a team with an amazing cheap IF, and for this squad the IF is Tosic And this is the team - Let's start in the defense - Helton is probably one of the best goalkeepers in this game, he is fast coming out of goal, he has
FIFA 14 - Jozy Altidore Review | Who needs Benteke?
Jozy Altidore Jozy Altidore costs roughly 350 coins on both the Xbox and Playstation but can easily be picked up for BIN's of 400 coins. ★★★★ Weak Foot ★★★ Skills Altidore a medium attacking work rate and a medium defensive work rate. The
FIFA 14 - Benteke vs Lukaku - Before and after
Benteke vs Lukaku - Before and After This is a review comparing Benteke and Lukaku and their upgraded cards as requested by Willian. Willian wrote:can someone review upgraded benteke and lukaku and non upgraded benteke and lukaku (to compare the
FIFA 14 - TOTY Philipp Lahm Review
Welcome to my TOTY Lahm review! I have played 46 games with him, and honestly, that was a lot more than I had anticipated playing. Frankly, it was very hard to pay all the coins for him because it was very hard to justify paying that much for a fullback.
FIFA 14 - Longshot Tutorial
Hello everyone! I decided to write a longshot tutorial based off of what I have found that works well for me! Table of Contents 1. What you need 2. Best longshot takers I've used 3. Controls + Power 4. Video Examples with Feedback 1. What you
FIFA 14 - 4-2-3-1(2) BPL Squad Review
The squad costs ~ 650k. I played like 90 games with this squad. 4-2-3-1(2) If you look at the number of players distributed on each field position ( defence, midfield, attack ), you would think that
FIFA 14 - Luis Suarez Review
Luis Suarez is superb , and being a liverpool fan I aspired to buy him at the very start of ultimate team. However, I was reluctant to buy him for a long while due to his stats not looking too good but then I bit the bullet and haven't looked back since,
FIFA 14 - Amazing 10k Hybrid!
This is the team - When I posted my last review, someone told me to make a 10k team and review it and here it is! I used this team online for almost 15 games and I absolutely loved it! Ruffier - One o
Fifa 10 Ultimate Team
So i got this earlier today, has anyone else got it? I'm just getting the hang of things now but still in the learning process. Share your squads etc here and any players your willing to trade or sell. Team Name: Slim Shot FC Manager: Alex
FIFA 14 - BPL Squad Review
This is the team I used and will be reviewing: The total cost of the squad on xbox was 110,700, but the starting XI by itself was 102,550 -------------------------------------- Player reviews: Goal
Fifa 14 - OP 25k Squad Build
This is the INSANE team of which I built. I know, it's not a hybrid. Nor is it that fancy or contains any expensive players but this team is built for fun, as well as to win!! Handanovic - Let's start with the keeper, Handonovic is a really good
FIFA 14 - Miroslav Klose Review
Pricing Klose costs roughly 700 coins on all consoles. Basic Information Attacking Workrate: High Defensive Workrate: Medium Preferred Foot: Right Weak Foot: ★★★★ Skill Moves: ★★ 75 Pace Pace is not one of Klose's strong points, but his 90
Guild Card Award Help
Im trying to get the Ultimate Catnip/Grand Felvine award on my guild card. I have two felyne comrades with all skills unlocked and I haven´t received the award. Anybody knows what is the problem?
FIFA 14 - Jackson Martinez Review
Jackson Martinez is a bad man.  Definitely the best striker I have used in FIFA 14. I had his IF last year, but never really liked him, until this year.  After seeing how cheap most Liga Portuguesa players were I decided to make a really cheap ~10 k LP
FIFA 14 - Wayne Rooney Review I'd like to take a hit at the guess of his price but the market is dead so I can't even guess. I also got him in an untradeable pack so I never purchased him off the market. Anyway let's get into the
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