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Which one of my mods should be done in an SDL version?
Just as WSJ asked on the Die Hard Wolfer's forum, here's my question: which one of my mods would you like to see in an SDL version? - I'm curious. I've apparently got a lot of stuff about that's unplayable on modern machines, which is a shame... Sort
3 Mods you nubs forgot about!
First off, about Christina. You guys are giving her waaay too much attention. Yea she is a new mod and congrats to her but what about 9th? He is a new mod! Congrats to him and Give him some love too! Also Ms. Xine! She is a new mod also and she is awesome
The Witcher Mods
The official forum is the best place when you're looking for a mod for The Witcher: link. I've come across other websites hosting some interesting mods: moddb, Strategy Informer and the Witcher's Vault. I have to say I don't have much experience using
Why cant i acces to the GTR2 Mods?
Hey guys, since one week i cant acces to the GTR2 Mods, Skins and Track Topics. I still recieve messages for topics and dont realy know what i have done that i dont have acces anymore. I try to contact Daniel via Facebook but he just read my message
Most unrealistic thing about Wolf3D and it's basic mods?
What 1 thing still stands out the most when you play Wolf3D and it's basic mods, despite us being already used to Wolf3D?
Mods and admins!
Apologies for the rushed nature of this post, but if folks could be thinking about who may be up to become a mod and/or an admin for the site. Some extra pairs of hands would be massively useful, and multiple heads are better than one and all that, but I'
Mods we should have
Some mods i think we need to get (i dont know if they exist) are paint for wood planks, triangle blocks for roofs,marble blocks,and the ability to make the bricks different shades depending on how we make them. I dont know if you could get these but i
Hey guys, I was just wondering if i could get permission to do a lottery for cora dyce. I dont want any percent of the Cash but just to get trusted more and become a more likely host I just want Permission from a mod to allow me to do
PURE ATV Racing - Let's Play!
PURE is an offroad ATV racer with crazy stunts. It has good multiplayer up to 16 players. If any of you guys want to hop online and play, let us know below so we can get together. Last time I checked, the online part was down so those familiar with the
I am kindly asking all DS players to remove any CLEO mod that gives an UNFAIR advantage. Players here got reported for using unfair CLEO mods Fair CLEO mods : -ELM ( Emergency Light Mods ) -Camera hack(Can be only used for making reports or movies, if
VtM Mods for other games?
I am sure this has been asked before, but I'll take a chance... Do you guys do Vamp mods for other games? I mean like mods to incorporate the whole VtM stuff into it like for Fallout 3, Oblivion, or Dragon Age...I mean, I really enjoy playing CE in
Skyrim Mods With Many Scripts - Warning
In recent time, I have noticed that some mods can cause lots of problems with scripts located in the 'Data/Scripts' folder of the game installation. Some of the greatest mods install these scripts to your game to create some of the best things you can see
Update/3 John Bucksnort Mods
Update/3 John Bucksnort Mods Things are not back to normal yet but I managed to post the following SDL mods by John Bucksnort: The Greinholdt Covenant Pt.1 SDL John Bucksnort's 9 level Spear set. It was converted to SDL by Andy Nonymous. Fast
DTM 1988 - Rules | R├Ęglement
Touring Car Legends Mod & 1988 DTM Cars The championship will use the 1988 DTM cars available in the Touring Car Legends 1.10 mod for rFactor. You will also need the sound pack to get all the engine sounds. The three main cars of the 1988 seaso
Fallout New Vegas Mods
The following topic is meant to establish a non exhaustive list of mods that will be updated as new mods are released or other mods come to my attention. I try my best to thoroughly test every mods on this list but I have to point out that some mods ar
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