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Best Oblivion Mods
Well, we have the best NV mods, so why not a best oblivion mods. Now, I don't have any choices to go here, so I figure everyone here who plays, can post their favorite mods and maybe, we can get a list goin like the NV thread.
How to install GTL car mods? Do car mods work with new GTL free update for windows 7?
Hi everyone, I am new to GTL, and have the new gtl update for windows 7, without starforce, or a dvd in the drive. Really want to use some of the great muscle car mods on here. Can anyone tell me if they are compatible with the new version? Have tried
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel could come to PS4 and Xbox One
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel could one day come to PS4 and Xbox One, that's according to Borderlands franchise director Matt Armstrong and developer Tony Lawrence. “I guess we’re full on developing the PS3, 360 and PC game, and we believe in that
Which one of my mods should be done in an SDL version?
Just as WSJ asked on the Die Hard Wolfer's forum, here's my question: which one of my mods would you like to see in an SDL version? - I'm curious. I've apparently got a lot of stuff about that's unplayable on modern machines, which is a shame... Sort
Best GUN mods
Hey guys! I've been gone from VGU for a while, but now that I've finally gotten through my finals, you should expect to see me being a lot more active on the site. I'll also be able to get back to playing some of the games that I just didn't have time
3 Mods you nubs forgot about!
First off, about Christina. You guys are giving her waaay too much attention. Yea she is a new mod and congrats to her but what about 9th? He is a new mod! Congrats to him and Give him some love too! Also Ms. Xine! She is a new mod also and she is awesome
Top 5 Fallout New Vegas Mods
Basically my mods for Fallout are all incredibly cluttered and I have loads of mods installed that I don't actually use or need, so I wanted to know... If you had to choose 5 mods to install, and no more, what would they be?   *So far I'm
Enduracers mods and RFE plugin
Hello :) We would like to organize an open race with the Flat 6 mod and the RFE weather plugin. Are we allowed to add wet tyres in the ESGTC_Flat6GT3_common.tbc file and to release it for our drivers? Thanks, Romain
What can you reccomend for best stability of F3/FNV with mods.
Hello everyone. I would like to hear people's opinions about such types of mods as bug fixes, patches, etc. Is it worth it, or it is just making the game more garbage like?
Skyrim mods by Laz (EnaiSiaion)
Since I have become bored by the fact Druid is all I enjoy playing, and it has been increasingly nerfed from its original state. Also that I came back to play Werewolf only to find out It is just a useless fast TA and Dunc farmer with no variability due t
Why cant i acces to the GTR2 Mods?
Hey guys, since one week i cant acces to the GTR2 Mods, Skins and Track Topics. I still recieve messages for topics and dont realy know what i have done that i dont have acces anymore. I try to contact Daniel via Facebook but he just read my message
Fallout New Vegas quest mods
Hey Everybody! Haven't been posting for a while thanks to exams, but I'm back! Anyway, can you great people post some suggestions of your favorite quest/adventure mods? I'm finally sick of the vanilla quests and I'm craving something new. Thanks!   
Most unrealistic thing about Wolf3D and it's basic mods?
What 1 thing still stands out the most when you play Wolf3D and it's basic mods, despite us being already used to Wolf3D?
Rockstar banning people using mods.
Well..they did it. They are banning everyone using mods in GTA V. WHAT.THE.FUCK. I'd understand if they banned people ruining other people's experience in online by using harmful mods, but banning people for using a FOV MOD in singleplayer? A FOV MOD.
SAO Gun Gale Online
So lets say you were in a game like Phantasy star or some star wars game, where yo used lightsaber type weapons, guns.etc I was always a sniper kind of guy. So for me I would probably have a claymore kind of lightsaber then a sniper as my secondar
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