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Amber's Tales: The Isle of Dead Ships
Amber's Tales: The Isle of Dead Ships by Hang Ten Games, LLC - May, 2014 Available at: GameHouse as Platinum Edition / iWin as Premium Edition /  Amber's father is missing. Upon her return home she finds a town in horror under the curse of
Tales of Abyss (3DS) coming to North America. Tales of Graces F slated for 2012 I'd rather have Innocence , Hearts , Radiant Mythology 2&3 , VS , etc kkthx I'm going to be pissed when they decide the fate of the Tales future in North america based off a 5 year old port.
HR UP Guide for MH3rd?
Anyone knows what's the HR UP guide, please?
Kennay - Aff Warlock - ACCEPTED
Character Name: Kennÿ Class: Warlock Main and Off Talent Specs: Main Afflic/Off Demo (both PvE) Your age: 19 Armory Link of Main: Lock - Armory Links of Notable Alts:
The Book of Unwritten Tales
I couldn't find any posts about this great game, so wondered if anyone else is playing it... I haven't had an adventure game interest or "grab" me for years. But his one has not only grabbed me, but thrown me into it and made me laugh. I must
Tales of Woe and Tales of Joy
As you may (or may not) know, our landlord has given us the boot because he wants to sell the house.  After 13 years of living here, and him doing ZERO maintenance for over 10, we're not interested in buying this place... Besides, the neighborhood is nois
Anyone like "Tales of...." Series? by bandai(namco) owo
Yes, Tales of series, like Tales of the abyss or something? :3
Tales of a Dreamer: The New Era
Inventory Items: Potion - Restores 20 HP upon use. (x3) Psynergy Fragment - Restores 10 MP upon use. (x2) Antidote - Removes Poison upon use (x6) Phoenix Down - Revives one character to half health and the same amount of MP as when they wer
Tales of Alidaire: The Tragedy Profiles
Here's where my The Tragedy folks need to post their character profiles. That way, you can just update them here when you level up. The Current Inventory along with Enemy Profiles for each mission will be posted here as well. Current Inventory Her
Grim Tales 3: The Wishes
Grim Tales: The Wishes by Elephant Games Series links:  Grim Tales 1: The Bride, Grim Tales 2: The Legacy, Grim Tales 3: The Wishes, Grim Tales 4: The Stone Queen, Grim Tales 5: Bloody Mary Available at: Big Fish for PC as Collector's Edition /
The Get Well Soon Game...Tales Style!
okay so I was a creative one when I was a mod on another anime forum. I would invent some games! So here I am inventing another one. Rules: They are simple. One person will state a Tales character. The next person will wish them well from a
Tales of A.C.S.
If you haven't heard of Act Cadenza Strife, it is a "Tales Of" series fighting fan game made by Anibache. This fighter is very well made and features 36 playable characters from throughout the Tales Of universe. The game plays like a typical 2
I had forgotten how much I hate the PS3 controller. . .
until I started playing inFamous 2. inFamous developer: Alright, lets make the left trigger the button for aiming and the right trigger for shooting the bolts. What's that? It doesn't have triggers? Well then, we'll just move them up to the L1 and
MH2 Worn Weapons
Hi Guys, i got a question about the worn weapons (Whit Ancient Stones) i just got a worn hammer, and i've reading that to polish it i need 20 earth stones, but i have like 100+ and the old lady at the armory just havent give me the option to upgrade it
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