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Flower Denim Outfit For You & Your Bear!
For 1 Credit each, get yourself and your furry friend a Flower Denim Outfit! Perfect for Spring!
repair CRT shorts
mga master totoo po ba na pwedeng tanggaling yung short sa CRT using filter capacitor?kung totoo paano gawin?at ano ang value ng electrolytic capacitor?salamat po..
Some Fan Fic Shorts And More
What are the Duskstone Emeralds? The spherical gems known as the Duskstone Emeralds are very powerful artifacts. There origins are mysitrious and many theories are abound. The most common is they were created for the sole use for witches of a group
Why can't I buy black and white shorts at Mymall?
Okay, so I'm a non member, and I want to buy coined black and white shorts at the Mymall. I clicked buy, I had enough gold, and it won't let me. Why is that? Are non members not allowed to have them? I'm so sad
Karasu randomiser comic shorts
i have made a few comic shorts since i started playing pokemon omicron in randomiser mode. note that i was very tired and bored when i made these so judge if you wish
Fusion Fall Shorts What Do You Think (Poll Included) Remember when I made these. Spoiler:  Well I'm thinking of making these but colored. Also If I were to make a FF comic,  or little random shorts each weekend, they'd be colored like this, wanted t
Commonwealth Shorts - Vanilla/Bodyslide [Fallout 4 Mods]
Commonwealth Shorts Author's Description Sixteen new craftable short outfits! Awesome, Camo, Comic, ... lol they are too many, download already! You can craft the outfits using any Chemistry Station under Utility category. They require one
High-quality pelts
Just how am i supposed to kill a kelbi without stunning it? Even with bowguns they are KO'd.
High End CPUs - Updated
PassMark - CPU Mark High End CPUs - Updated 4th of November 2011
1000 Point High Elves
Okay, here is my first attempt at a full army list. Let me know what you think. Lord/Hero: Noble - 113 pts Great Weapon, Shield,Elven Steed, Dragon Armor Core: 10 Archers - 110 pts 10 Archers - 110 pts 16 Lothern Sea Guard - 192 pts with
Squalie's High Elves
Ok, I need some advice because I'm not happy with how these are turning out. I'm thinking on making the Gems more blue as they just don't pop enough. I tried using Jade Green and still can't seem to make that colour work! I tried to use the same
High rank black diablos
I just spent an entire quest fighting it... used cean head axe and stuck it out til 00:20 before abandoning i had 1300 attack! 14 sonics, 3 traps, 5 flash, 2 mega juice UGH better weapon idea maybe?
unassembled High Elf army for sale
I have the following High Elf boxes for sale. High Elf battalion High Elf chariot 5 White Lions 5 White Lions Command Mounted mage baby Great Eagle Assorted bits to convert some Shadow Warriors and characters with the battalion Movement
High Elf Army For Sale
Well... I'm going to get rid of my High Elves. They've done me well, but I'm having less and less time to play. Hopefully someone can give them a good home. Here's the army: 2 Dragons w/ Riders -- These are magnetized, so there are 4 total option
Plastic High Elf Mage bitz
Anyone with bitz from the plastic High Elf mage box set?
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