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Taiwan Servers w/ Mac Proxy
Wanted to play WoW taiwan on my mac... but need a proxy that works on Mac platform.. anyone find one that works well? I signed up for one, but A) it's epensive and B) latency still sucks.
Proxy Server Taiwan: How To.
Setting up a proxy server for TWoW ! Below are 2 guides for 2 different proxy servers. I strongly recommend you to test both of these first before you start to use one! Which one will work best for you is only something you can see by checking it out,
Warhammer online infos + RVR screen
Hi there; For some who want to play warhammer online from China to (EU or other), that's possible. I found a proxy service, that's people are using it actually, and it works really well for only 51RMB/Months. Find the address here:
looking for a proxy model
So I am looking for a proxy for death cult assasins. I have not found a model so far that I have liked that will do the job. the reason why is because I think the models for GW are to much $$$$ for ho wmany you get. Does anyone have any sugestions?
login 3 times only?
i moved and on this pc i cant login more than 3 muxxu accs, i tried the 0 set flash thing and didnt work solutions??
Grey Knights - IG as proxy Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
Hello All I know the list is an IG list with GK allies but I am a Deamonhunters player who loves the smell of napalm in the morning (or evening, midday etc....) I wanted to try and create a speedy interdiction force based around Grey Knights, this is b
Um, what? My login experience.
Logged in to Aenea, had less than 3 gigs freespace on harddrive. Noticed odd green stripes. Noticed database book in inventory vanished when entered sleeping dragon inn. Noticed game crash, followed by computer crash. Gained about 2 gigs free
SDL Error regarding player sighting
I've encountered what appears to be an SDL bug when trying to add new enemies. I did some searching over at DHW and there seems to be no solution as of yet but when adding a new enemy using MCS's method (basically copying existing code and changing names biblioteca//biblioteca
Proxy models for characters
Hi again, just kicking off on the DE so much to learn, Why dont GW have characters models for Asdrubabel Vect , Lady Malys and Drazhar master of blades to name a few I wonder. This might be common knowledge but have you seen Raging Heros website?
Does anyone know what's up? Duplicate logon detected
Hi all, the problem: Sometimes the server kicks me out due to "duplicate account detected". Then I leave UT3 and restart and suddenly everything is fine again. Any idea what's going on? What does "duplicate account" mean? Same
Got Dogs? Need proxy models for Grotesques.
Hi all, as you may know, I love proxy armies, especially as I am somewhat dissatisfied with GW at the moment. I am expecting the imminent arrival of 50-odd sexy Raging Heroes girls for my Counts-As-DE pirate fleet; I have been playing with GW models, but
musical preferences of scandal?
Hi guys, few minutes ago i was watching an interview that j-melo made to scandal, but then . I don't know what are the tasties of the group, i mean artists, songs, and kind of music they like. This question could be silly, but i don't know.
500 Points List
Howdy. I put up an old list like last year so instead of thread necro I made a new topic. I have a battle box plus two other boxes of wyches and warriors. I haven't opened the other two boxes yet as I am going to try and see how it goes with this small
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