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"is fantage better than club penguin"

Pawsome Pawlette Fashion Followers Fan Club
Club Name: Pawsome Pawlette Fashion Followers Fan Club Club Leader: HeatherHeart Official Club Uniform: Pink Top, Black Beret. ( Girls ) Blue Top, Black Sunglasses, Black Trousers. ( Boys ) Rules: Allways be kind t
Super Powers on Fantage.....
Would be awesome! You cud get super powers on fantage and anyone cud have a superpower! Super powers wouldn't be brought but wud be earned. If you higher up to any level you would get a new power! That wud be awesome! <--i just love that!
Fantage campout ghost tales event.
Fantage made a new event! YAY! but i had some issues with it but i think fantage fixed it. Fantage could do better. Also the ghost clues keep changing (like the places and stuff) no limited items for non members (poor nons     ) Theres a medal
I don't know if you remember me...But I certainly remember you! How couldn't I remember you ?!?! xD Anyway !!! I missed you guys so darn much !! :] A lot has changed since so.... I just want to say I WUVV YOU ! I will never leave anyone ! :] I am gonna
'k, i'm prolly leaving. forum's overrun with lamo noobs that don't get any of the sh!t on here, and spaz when someone cusses. i'll still be on xat though and i'll probably come on once in a while to check my pms or something. just wanted to let you guy
The Sims
Has anyone ever played The Sims? It's like a game you can buy for (I suggest) 11+. I have played The Sims 1. I have The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. (w/ expansion packs)
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