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Play on EU or US server in chinese
Hi 1) Can i play on US realm ( with u.s client ) in chinese language ( totaly )? cause when i put SET locale "zhCN" or SET locale "zhTW" , i can't login on us or eu realm
Write Chinese IG
Hey another question i still dont know how to write chinese characters in WoW. I tried copying them but only ??? i can see them but not write. I want to copy + write them. Any solutions? I know Naklin posted smth but i dont get it ^^ Greetz
Chinese client - Final patch part available
Just now after a login with the chinese client the final part of the patch started downloading. If I should zip some files after the client update is done, please tell me, which files exactly u need and I will upload them somewhere. cu
WoW Addons for US or chinese Client
I just faced the problem, that none of my addons from my 2.xx EU Client does work on the 1.12. chinese Client. A was looking for specific addons for Chinese Servers/Clients but did not find anything. Does anybody in China use addons? If yes pls let me
Chinese ID problem
Ok i know this has been posted many times, but I've read that if the chinese ID match fails, that i shouldn't be able to play. Well mine failed, but i can still log in and play fine, not sure what "health-lock" people are talking about either :/ Is
Learning Chinese(Actually Cantonese)....
Any one gonna try it :p Simply type in a simple sentence. I'll translate it into chinese words with how we speak that in GuangDongHua If i can :p P.s. Please use simple names like Mary, Petter, etc, if u need a name in the sentence P.s. The : Chinese equivalent?
I was wondering if someone knew about the existence of an equivalent website for Wow CN. cover all zones except mainland(of course). If there's a similar tool for wow CN please share
Chinese Phrases
I'm trying to learn Chinese as I play, so with that in mind: I was wondering if anyone knew where to find the different phrases characters say when you click on them, interact, do an emote, or get an error message written out in Chinese (prefably
Help, I'm on a mac and want to see chinese words
I am playing on a mac, and i have the english fonts so everything is english. However, whenever i try to type chinese or someone else types chinese it ends up being a "?" So i know how to fix it for windows, but i do not for my mac. Any help?
Any alternate links for the chinese fonts ?
I tried and it isn't working for me. I can get to that link but I get a blank page whenever I click "Download Now" button. If anyone can post an alternate link it would be greatly appreciated.
Other Chinese WoW stuff
I half caught a comment on guild chat as i logged out the other night that i want to ask. In China can you buy like WoW scratch cards that can win you in game items etc? Probably, because only caught half the conversation, i got this wrong but
simplified chinese in taiwanese version?
Hello everyone, Is the taiwanese version only using traditional chinese characters only or can it also display simplified chinese?
You Chinese Zodiac Sign?
If you don't know what it is, it's really easy to look up online:
Chinese language in game
Hi to all. I know, this question probably been asked for a billion times, but i've surfed the forum for 1 hour and havent found anything. So, the problem is, i using the russian client (and hell yea, im russian ^^) , and i cant see chinese language,
Writing in WoW in Chinese.
I posted this in someone else's thread, but I'm desperate so I'm making a new one. I'm using English client to play in Taiwan and I'm using the fonts from this site. No addons at all. I can read all Chinese characters just fine. Outside wow, I can
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