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Difference between TWnese and Chinese servers
Long story short: I'm getting tired of the bad manners of Chinese players (especially after some recent incidents, but also in general), and have heard that Taiwanese players are a lot more friendlier/mannered, with better server atmosphere. Is there any
When I'm bored..
I make pixel art in Minecraft. I've had a server for months.. If you wanna join, pm me
Chinese fan art
We have stumbled upon some really interesting drawings made by obviously hardcore dota fan. Drawings are simply awesome, but what's most important, one particular drawing kills all comments on internet regarding one (no-more) sexy dota 2 hero. Check them
Chinese ID
Hello! I've been reading the guide but I didn't find an answer. I'm a player from europe (Finland), but I would play with pleasure on chinese servers. Here's we go - I have no chinese ID and possibly I can't make an account. Is there a solution? I mean, I
Chinese WoW Bug: More than 40 players in War Song???
There are many bugs in Chinese WoW 2.0, you can see what you never see in every battle field. Please look these pictures below: A large number of hordes in AB More than 40 players in a team, in War Song! Terrible AV(in Chinese WoW, skeleton
LOL That's Me! [GAME]
Okay, this is a fun and simple posting game x3 1-Think of a situation that is relatable [i.e. When someone won't stop knocking on the bathroom door:] 2- Post a gif of that goes along with it 3- The next person says "LOL that's me!" and
(uncolored) Fusion Fall Fangirl Concept Art (I think thats what its called lol)
Ok so I was bored and my friend was using myyyy laptop >-< so I went and made a drawing of this coco shirt wearing, lvl 30 pistol holding, kiva pants wearing fusion fall fan, I added a braid to her hair so it wouldnt be a long flowing type, So
The biggest chinese troll
So last week i was eating chinese. I got my fortune cookie and it read "Things will start going your way." I thought "oh sweet shit" and then like 4 days later, BAMMMM gg purple phat. Fucking chinese china food china salesman. Lol.
LoL - Streams, Skins, and Builds
Click on the link below to watch live LoL STREAMS. There are many top players that stream every day like HotShotGG, bigfatlp, Reginaid, and more. Watching these streams are interesting
URGENT:Chinese id and Battlenet!!
For the people who used Chinese ids found on the internet you guys should be careful because if the id you entered doesn't match up to the name you entered your won't be able to play wow. To check log into your bnet account and next to your email on the
Rant Dota/HoN/LoL/Dota2
I'm sorry about this, you probably don't care about any of those games. I really just wanna give my opinion of a few things weather any of you read it or not. Recently there has been a huge hype for DOTA2. So naturally people started taking sides for
Chinese WoW armory
Has anybody got a problem with the Chinese WoW armory? Mine won't load:-(
Chinese Steamed Oysters
Chinese Steamed Oysters You'll need: Large oysters light soy sauce vegetable/canola oil green onions ginger Directions: 1. Crack open the oysters and rinse them clean. Keep them in one half of the shell. 2. Steam oysters for about 5
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