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COD4 custom maps
Hi ihr, ich habe mal eine Bestandsaufnahme gemacht. Wir haben ca. 70 maps auf dem Server, die gesichtet werden müssen. Kriterien sollten Optik und Spielbarkeit sowie die Größe sein. Wir suchen erstmal kleine bis mittlere fun-maps für uns
Mirrors Edge Custom Map
I really want to do the Parkour map with friends and I was wondering if anyone would want to do the map with me. I have my own server so I just need people to play the map with me. 6-7 people
There's a set of 4 maps for the RTCW single player at FileFront. The set is called 'Devil's Manor'. There's more info and some screenshots on the page.;109965
New maps in -[IFwsI]- Minecraft Town
Hello admins -[IFwsI]- i'am NooB =D (name) rank 1 and vip in -[IFwsI]- Minecraft Town Plese add new panel vote maps, the map Happy Town Christmas Edition is very bad. sorry for the inconvenience Greetings...  
Hogwarts Map [Minecraft]
Hello guys I found a hogwarts map for minecraft!And it's really amazing and big! I didn't know where to post this, so i posted it here because it's entertainment (game..?) anyways, I don't know if I could send you the link for the download. I DIDN'
Problem with EAC and custom maps.
OK firstly I had the esl wire problem but resolved that by disabling the programme, but also some other processes stop me from starting it so I have to kill most them, I'm running windows8. When I've done that standard maps like dust2_se etc work fine.
Minecraft is 1.2.4 LOL
I find it hilarious that we were all waiting for the plugins to update so we can finally go on OASIS! but 1.2.4 came. TROLOLOL
Minecraft's Coordinate System
I've noticed that when I reference coordinates people either get lost or suddenly don't care any more; Math isn't scary people. For those who are uninformed the coordinate system works as follows (note that it is counter-intuitive to classic Cartesian
Minecraft mobile version..
In case any of you hadnt heard yet Notch is working on a phone version of minecraft, here is a link to an article talking about it. just for your information! stoked for the iphone version!
Wolf3D in Minecraft :D (New Screenshots) 11-29-11
1. I HAVE RETURNED! 2. been working on some wolf3D projects still in the dark. as well as a Wolf3D in minecraft thing. now these videos are old builds Ive done. I actually working on something better since Creative mode was added in Minecraft
Minecraft LP
Hey guys, me and GoldMine and Loki are planning to do a LP and post it on YouTube. If you guys want in, then just PM me or Loki or Gold at our
Minecraft Bioshock
Minecraft bioshock This is amazing. we need a big project like this. Or at the very least watch the video and appreciate how no one involved in it could have a life.
Who plays Minecraft here?
I dunno if this has been posted before but has anyone every played it? I've jsut started and I got really addicted to it. Just visited a cool server and I found this: Spoiler:  Prob the only Monster Hunter reference outside of the game
Minecraft suck...
Hey, I do not know why but my Minecraft has stopped working .. I'm going as possible, try to repair it. You will see me absent for 1 or 2 weeks. Have a good day, -MaRc0
Minecraft Screenshot Thread
A lot of the stuff you find is really something to admire. I'm talking about Minecraft of course (under the influence of Minecraft The Song). Anyway, here is where I will be posting a few of the screenshots that I took in my Minecraft worlds. I'll
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