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Minecracft WAD
I've made a wad with the textures from minecraft. The textures are resized so it will match the game expirience, and you don't have to do it yourself. Some of them have been reduced the quality because of the compatibility. Credits goes to the Mojang
custom maps play
How do u play custom maps? i know im stupid! :scratch: :lol!:
Using custom models in maps?
Hey. I've been making an attempt at mapping and I have what I think is a good idea, but in order for it to work, i need to know if it's possible to use custom models in quake maps and, if so, how?
Warcraft 3 Custom Maps!
Did anyone ever used to / still do play Warcraft 3 Custom maps? Those user created maps were honestly the most hilarious things ever!
Why won't my minecraft work!!!!111one!11!
When i try to play i get incredible amounts of lag and then it crashes returning me to the main menu. Does anyone else have this problem? I tried using the old launcher, but it wouldn't get past the loading bar. It seems until this is fixed I am not able
Custom Map Mob Of The Dead
Im Making a new map called MOB OF THE DEAD from black ops 2 Whith better grapich Hope it works 70% DONE  It looks like temple but i use the same wall thing
Video Tutorial On How To Use And Obtain Custom Maps
Once again, I am making things even easier. I have completed a video tutorial explaining how to download and use custom nzp maps. I realize that there are a few black spots and weird glitches in the video, I'll fix that soon. But for now, I'll leave
COD4 custom maps
Hi ihr, ich habe mal eine Bestandsaufnahme gemacht. Wir haben ca. 70 maps auf dem Server, die gesichtet werden müssen. Kriterien sollten Optik und Spielbarkeit sowie die Größe sein. Wir suchen erstmal kleine bis mittlere fun-maps für uns
How to Obtain Custom Maps From This Site
Here is a very simple tutorial that is intended for new members, in this tutorial I will teach you how to obtain custom nzp maps using this forum: 1. Register to this site, you HAVE to register. 2. Make sure you are logged in, if you are not the
Installing custom (fan-made) maps (SWBF2).
Getting bored of playing the same maps over and over again? Me too. So I'm going to explain how to install new maps for SWBF2.          DOES NOT change the CODING of the game!!      !!YOU MUST HAVE NO MODS INSTALLED!!        I play Battlefront 2
Custom maps and Large Scope Mod
Most of the maps are compressed/zipped files, some are not. You MUST extract the zipped files from the zipped folder and remove the PK.3 file from the folder before putting the PK.3 file into your CoD MAIN folder. There are several ways to put these
I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, but I have 3 friends who have basically spent the last 5 days playing it straight. I'm assuming its some combination of crazy good/addictive. Start here! it's a bit of a learning curve I guess, so you might
How to Use Custom NZP Maps
There are 2 different ways of using/running NZP maps: PC way: 1. Make sure you have the nzp beta 1.1, a thread containing this download can be found here: /t273-nzp-psp-and-pc-download 2. Now download the desired nzp map. If its a winRAR archiv
How to play Solo on custom maps (Requires PSP 2000,SLim,3000)
1.You must have 64MB ram otherwise your PSP will say ut;s corrupted. 2.backup your other eboots except EBOOT2000 3.Rename EBOOT2000 to EBOOT.PBP 4.Unplug you psp and scroll through the XMB to NZP . Hit Trianlgle and select Information
Portal 2 Custom Maps
The SDK for Portal 2 hasn't been released yet, but making maps is possible through Alien Swarm's SDK Spoiler: Alien Swarm is 100% legit free and its a decent game, especially with 3 friends, if you havent played it, and have free time, you
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