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Missouri Human Society Longmeadow Rescue Ranch where Drac volunteers
Drac could use our help.... so I thought I would post here and ask for some Drac does volunteer work for the Missouri Human Society Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. They receive all the horses, goats, chickens, donkeys etc. that are removed from the most
Applying 99 Contract to a player
Got 2 questions about apply 99 contract to a player. 1) If you apply the 99 contract to a player that has 10 contract left, will the number of contract he has go up to 109 games? 2) If you have 10% manager contract multiplier and apply the 99 contract
Operator's Manual for the UH-1H/V Helicopter
I couldn't figure out how to download it directly but it's easily viewed online.;seq=1 Regards, Phantom_499
Golden Trails 1: The New Western Rush
Golden Trails: The New Western Rush by Awem Series links: Golden Trails 1: The New Western Rush, Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy, Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed Available at: Awem Alawar Big Fish for PC and Mac Gamehouse (for PC and
Contract Method
On a wednesday when people open packs. Contract cards go for cheaper. I mass buy and fill my trade pile for the lowest coin cards without getting competition. Last week was for 350 coins. I then sold them on the weekend for 450 coins. Full trade pile
XBOX 1 - the big talking point | Pre owned games
Ok this is going to to be one of those tl;dr posts. You have been warned Its not a hate on Xbox but juss concerns with the path they are taking in regards to pre-owned games. I will start off with a few sources / quotes to get this moving. @MrJonty |
Nancy Drew 10: The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch by and available at Her Interactive Find the series links in THIS thread Available at: Her Interactive Big Fish for PC Take a Wild Ride into Terror and Trickery to Rein in a Ghostly
Desert Storm most wanted Contract-Killer [COMPETITION]
Hey there. Frost and me talked and thought this would be a nice Project. What do I have to do to join:Thats simple. Just reply with "I wanna join" and the one you wanna duel. What will be the weapons: The weapons will be -> Deagle -> Normal Shotgun ->
A firendly match with GOD ( Contract Wars clan )
Hi there, Mush here, from the clan GOD. I Would like to do a friendly match with the clan CREED.
Sweet Trading Method (Gold Contract Method)
With the market fluctuating over the last couple weeks and consumables prices rising I've been using this method gain some small profit here and there. It works great only during particular times/days of the week. Made the video for my subs, thought some
Your video, may include content that is owned or administered by these entities...
**If I'm re-posting an available thread, please just delete/ move this topic Just today, I checked my YT account and found out that one of my video matches third party content---oh it's a cover video sung by MY OWN voice btw. I don't
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Anybody else played any of the games in this series... I've played 4, 5, zero and 6... can't wait for this next one to come out on Oct. 11! If you have not played any of these... start with 4 and definitely play 5... the stories are amazing, the
Land Raider Assault Ramp
Anyone have a page from the mini rulebook covering the Land Raider Assault Ramp? I cannot find the reference. Pretty sure units within can assault the same turn they disembark. Just need proof...
Why assault is impractical for DE
Except Harlequins, Razorwing flock, Drazhar and Klaivex. And i'm not so sure even about them... The thing is really simple, everyone will start running their typical assault squad with a sargeant or equivalent and an IC with 2+ armor. Those who can't d
Assault cruiser build
Hey all. Now that I'm routinely picking up class 11 gear drops, and starting to buy fleet weapons (now that we can, yay!) I'm curious for some advice from you game veterans re: beam weapons. I've already committed to a fleet photon torp in the front, an
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