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"mystery ranch aor2 satl bridgers assault pack 07 contract..."

I recently bought a set of very hard to find set of Naval Special Warfare/DEVGRU (Seal Team VI) exclusive desert camouflage, this set was made on Contract for the Navy by Crye Precision (The same people that brought you Multicam). London Bridge Trading,
NSW/SEAL Operator's Paper Grouping
These are items from the large grouping I was fortunate enough to directly purchase from a SEAL Team 5 and later SEAL Team 6 veteran. Have posted several items from this grouping and will continue to do so over time. Not sure how well the pics will turn
Is the LBT-1961K issued to NSW?
I got this AOR1 LBT-1961K. Just wonder if this model issue to SEAL team or not?
Current Navy Seals Cloth Headgear- I Am Confused!
Other than the helmet I have only seen Seals wearing the operators cap. On that popular (Or not so popular) auction site I have seen the following advertised as official NSW issued items. (1) Aor2 NWU Type III boonie in woodland digi camo, has the Sekri
Some LBT gear AOR1 AOR2 ,holsters, vests, packs
Picked these up today. The AORs belts are the latest stle belt made for the SEALs. It's lighter in that they removed the metal triangular ring for rescure/rapelling. Not much lighter but every little bit helps. The AOR1 pack is waterproof and floatable.
Lightweight USMC lid with USN AOR2 cover
Recent pick up along with some other items from a Navy guy. I find it common to pick up the lightweight USMC helmets that were issued to Navy guys but this is the first one that I've picked up with an AOR2 cover on it. No biggie, just different.
AOR1 / AOR 2
Been hitting a few scores lately.... MZ~
Mystery British Assault Vest
I got this recently, don't know if it's Arktis, Wyvern, or whatnot, but it looks very British. Does anyone know what it is?
Missouri Human Society Longmeadow Rescue Ranch where Drac volunteers
Drac could use our help.... so I thought I would post here and ask for some Drac does volunteer work for the Missouri Human Society Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. They receive all the horses, goats, chickens, donkeys etc. that are removed from the most
A-Frame House plus ranch
A-frame with ranch. Originally built for 56 Lookout Peak Rd. in Bridgeport. The lot may be able to be upgraded to a 64x64 lot but I haven’t tried so don’t know for certain how much work may be involved. This beautiful property just became available
Applying 99 Contract to a player
Got 2 questions about apply 99 contract to a player. 1) If you apply the 99 contract to a player that has 10 contract left, will the number of contract he has go up to 109 games? 2) If you have 10% manager contract multiplier and apply the 99 contract
Golden Trails 1: The New Western Rush
Golden Trails: The New Western Rush by Awem Series links: Golden Trails 1: The New Western Rush, Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy, Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed Available at: Awem Alawar Big Fish for PC and Mac Gamehouse (for PC and
DA, DSA, DLA and SPO contract numbers
I found this link and it's very instructive. So here's for you : One of the most commonly seen features on United States Military Equipment and Clothing is a DA, DSA, DLA, or SPO Contract Number stamp. If you correctly read the stamp, you will know
Contract Method
On a wednesday when people open packs. Contract cards go for cheaper. I mass buy and fill my trade pile for the lowest coin cards without getting competition. Last week was for 350 coins. I then sold them on the weekend for 450 coins. Full trade pile
Commercial Realtree Camouflage Top Worn in Afghanistan
In trolling for pics the other day came upon this interesting example of a NSW operator wearing what appears to be a Realtree brand camouflage top along with MC combat trousers. I understand that these units have considerable leeway in choosing uniforms
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