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2014 GT TOUR & PCC France
26/04 - 27/04 Bugatti Le Mans 31/05 - 01/06 Lédenon 21/06 - 22/06 Spa-Francorchamps (B) 05/07 - 06/07 Val de Vienne 06/09 - 07/09 Magny-Cours 27/09 - 28/09 Nogaro 25/10 - 26/10 Paul Ricard official website 2014
pb RSR Live Timing times are no saved
Hello I've installed RSR Live Timing When I launch AC practice, there is a msg "Times are not saved". What can I do ? Thanks.
Gears of War 1-3 67 % off now on Xbox Live
On Xbox Live you can get a Great Deal for Gears of War 1, 2, 3 & the Gears 3 Season Pass it will come to under 7 US Dollars. Even though i have all of the Gears of War games i might get Gears 2 since my Disc has a little crack in the center. Not sur
RSR Live Timing
Please use AC official forum for support on RSR Live Timing Radiator Springs Racing Research and Development team proudly presents their first app for AC: RSR Live Time. The aim of our app is to bring a live hotlap competition to Assetto Corsa
TORA Avon Tyres British GT Championship: Qualifying and Race Sign IN / Live Timing
Hi Guys, To enter each race, every driver is required to "Sign In", so the hosts and organisers know who to invite to the race sessions. This will be the same form for every round to which sign IN's for each session will close at 12 midday GMT so
34th Amateur Series Division 2 (live broadcast)
34TH AMATEUR SERIES (Division 2) Intel i5 750 ChessGUI 128mb hash each 3-4-5 piece tablebases Ponder off Graham2011mini.cgb book 40 moves in 25 minutes repeating (adapted for the CCRL) 4 cycles 44 rounds All engines 32-bit 1CPU The top engin
Spark 1.0 x64 LIVE in SWCR list
TORA Live - 9pm UK Time 29th April
Come in TORA, Come in TORA can you hear us!? For some attention seeking go to the "Chatbox" at the bottom of the main part of the forum
FCP is now LIVE! (Must be logged in to use!)
Currently, the Friend Code Synthesizer is in BETA. It is only open to a select few for BETA testing. It will be fully open to the public in a few days.
nice tests
[OVER] Live Stream NOW!
Thanks! Going for it again tomorrow!
the best Vs. the best - live match watching ------ right now I am watching the match which is probably the most impressive match I have ever seen while playing chess for years and years the state of the art computer the top engines the top notch live broadcasting on
S.M.G. Live Chat Club Meeting
Hey guys I wanted to do another Chat Box club meeting to discuss some general club topics. We have a lot of stuff coming in the future but since we are in the middle of the holidays I didn't think everyone could get together in one place. SO 29 Dec 11,
All TORA members (old and new) who's forum name is different to their Xbox Live gamertag (Please READ)
Hey all, I have noticed now that a number of members have forum names different to their xbox live gamertag. This complicates invites for our races and would request any member that wishes to have a forum name that matches there gamertag please post
The Trampling 4CPU (live broadcast)
THE TRAMPLING (4CPU) Intel Xeon X5430x2 Octal ChessGUI 256mb hash each core used 3-4-5 piece tablebases Ponder off Playchess2012-1.cgb book (limited to depth of 8 moves) 40 moves in 29 minutes repeating (adapted for the CCRL) All engines 64-bit
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