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SCANDAL @ Happy Music LIVE 2012 SCANDAL will be appearing on the Happy Music LIVE on the 11th of November alongside Becky # and other artists yet to be announced.
SCANDAL JAPAN TITLE MATCH LIVE 2012 「SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN」 Sony Entertainment Hong Kong Facebook has just announced that SCANDAL will make their debut concert in Nippon Budokan on 28th March 2012. They also break the record of fastest time for girl groups to
SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」 SCANDAL will be going on their first world tour! This marks their longest tour so far, with 31 dates within Japan and more also outside Japan in Paris (France), London (UK), Taiwan, USA, and
Scandal Asia Tour 2013 Jakarta
Hi all.. this is my first post. And I'd like to ask about the ticketing for Scandal Asia Tour 2013 Jakarta. Does anyone (esp. in Jakarta) already bought the ticket? How? I know that we can RSVP directly at: or here:
SCANDAL LIVE TOUR 2011 「Dreamer」
▽2011.05.03 (火) Zepp Fukuoka (キャパ/2,000)      ▽2011.05.06 (金) Zepp Tokyo  (キャパ/2,700)      ▽2011.05.08 (日) Zepp Sendai  (キャパ/1,500)      ▽2011.05.14 (土) Zepp Sapporo (キャパ/2,000)      ▽2011.06.02 (木) Zepp Nagoya  (キャパ/1,800)      ▽2011.06.04
SCANDAL LIVE TOUR 2013「SCA wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake」
Zepp Sapporo 6/9 (Sun.) source:
[Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore] SCANDAL ASIA TOUR 2011 BABY ACTION
all the pictures from SCANDAL's 1st Asia Tour will be allocated here! let the maximum enjoyment begin!
Yoyogi Park free live (09.27.2012)
From: Spoiler: Spoiler:
for those who still dunno here's a brief update on scandal newest info on scandal live performance. they will be performing on 名古屋 (NAGOYA), 大阪府 (OSAKA), 東京都 (TOKYO), and a additional LIVE at 恵比寿リキッドルーム (EBISU'S LIQUID ROOM) located near EBISU'S TRAIN
pb RSR Live Timing times are no saved
Hello I've installed RSR Live Timing When I launch AC practice, there is a msg "Times are not saved". What can I do ? Thanks.
What song do you want SCANDAL to perform live for you?
Personally, I would want to hear Koe. It would be awsome to see Mami just go all out. I would also love to see them perform Hi Hi Hi. You?
Valentine's Special Live '13 supported by Ghana
「SCANDAL FIRST LIVE -BEST★SCANDAL 2009-」 Release Date: June 30, 2010 Catalog Number: ESBL-2276 Track List 01. Space Ranger (スペースレンジャー) 02. BEAUTeen!! 03. Anata ga Mawaru (アナタガマワル) 04. Maboroshi Night (マボロシナイト) 05. Koi Moyou (恋模様) 06.
SCANDAL LIVE Kyuu ni Kite Gomen. in Shimane & Tottori
Though this was announced a while back, SCANDAL will be going on a "Kyuu ni Kite Gomen." (Sorry for Suddenly Coming) small tour this year as well. 「Kyuu ni Kite Gomen. in Shimane & Tottori」 Date: 2013/5/4 (Sat.) Region: Shimane Venue
[Malaysia] SCANDAL Live in Malaysia 2012
credits to the owners that is one BIG LOLLIPOP _____
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