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SWCR LIVE: Critter 1.4 x64 & Komodo 4.0 x64
Hi there, of course, both without SSE! Not possible with my Q9550 systems. Clear, the same for all other tested engines in SWCR. OK ... 1. Critter 1.4 x64 1.560 games to play : 40
SWCR Tournament
Houdini 2 - Houdini 1.5a Level: 3 hours and 30 second bonus per move
Hardware: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.200 GHz with 3,0 GB Memory Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 6001) 64 bit
Houdini 2.0 C2 Pro x64 vs. Houdini 2.0 Pro x64
Houdini 2.0 C2 Pro x64 : Contempt=2 Code: 1  Houdini 2.0 C2 Pro x64  +10  +29/=50/-26 51.43%  54.0/105 2  Houdini 2.0 Pro x64      -10  +26/=50/-29 48.57%  51.0/105 Time Control: 3
Houdini 1.5 x64 (16core)
Did someone tested this chess engine - Houdini 1.5 x64_16core ?! Download Link:
The best settings for the engine Houdini 1.5a x64
The best settings for the engine Houdini 1.5a x64 Welcome everyone I will explain the best settings for the engine Houdini So we need to first follow the steps below very carefully 1. we will adjust the settings interface ( Deep Shredder 12 an
Re-compiled Stockfish 3 win64 by JA vs Houdini 3 pro ended
Test stopped as i am sure this re compile is "buggy" it is not as strong as pre stokfish 3 compiles , 12 hours of testing ended with it minus 81 ELO , that simply cannot be right and i cannot find fault at this end but
Houdini 2.0c with "g" settings
Houdini 2.0c with "g" settings ~15 ELO strong than Houdnini 2.0c Code:5F717974702A202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202428161E2024 Tested: Code:    Program                 
Portable Winboard 4.5.3 + Houdini 1.5a!
Houdini has a problem with the tactic
Houdini has a problem with this item. The best move is L: h5 or Lg4 Only 0.9 critter is located. Maybe I am too weak processor? Please test yours.
New:Houdini 2 Chess Benchmarks are Acceptable!
Hello Chess Friends, I have just started a new Houdini 2 BenchMark List *Note:I switched from Houdini 1.5a to Houdini 2,due to H2.0 supports up to 32 cores *How to run Houdini 2 Chess Benchmarks (on YouTube): For
Strelka 5.5 vs Houdini 1.5a ( 1 core test )
Absolute rubbish at this time control so test stopped and a 1+1 test started under otherwise same conditions , same book up to 10 moves , ponder OFF , no bases so far its fares better at 1 win each 2 draws Strelkas engine output is a joy to behold
the best match between ------ world's number one and two (houdini Vs. critter)
the match was supposed to be a tie but let's see what kind of magic happens at the end [pgn] [Event "Computer Chess Game"] [Site "USER01"] [Date "2013.03.08"] [Round "24"] [White "Houdin
IPON - BayesElo 0056 result: Houdini pushes Rykba off top of "offical " rateings list
IPON - BayesElo 0056 result: List of best single engines, one engine per Author: Name Elo + - games score oppo. draws 1 Houdini 1.03a * 2952 19 19 1000 73% 2790 34% 2 Deep Rybka 4
Houdini 1.5 at long Time Control: 100 games.
After one week working non stop, here you have the results of this test. 100 games at 60 minutes per game. Houdini 1.5 against DR4 SSE4.2 and the IvanHoe compile (Peterpan) that leads the ranking of my tests: Computer: i7 975 4 real cores + 4 Hyper
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