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SWCR Tournament
Houdini 2 - Houdini 1.5a Level: 3 hours and 30 second bonus per move
Hardware: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.200 GHz with 3,0 GB Memory Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 6001) 64 bit
Houdini 5 to participate in TCEC Season 9 Exciting news for the computer chess world – Houdini 5 chess engine has officially confirmed participation in the Top Chess Engine Championship (TCEC) Season 9. The winner of Seasons 1
Houdini 2.0 C2 Pro x64 vs. Houdini 2.0 Pro x64
Houdini 2.0 C2 Pro x64 : Contempt=2 Code: 1  Houdini 2.0 C2 Pro x64  +10  +29/=50/-26 51.43%  54.0/105 2  Houdini 2.0 Pro x64      -10  +26/=50/-29 48.57%  51.0/105 Time Control: 3
Houdini FREE pro vs Houdini 1.5a from another forum :)
just got this to show end of 50 games at 3+1 , non popcnt, no books no bases , no large pages test speed of houdini FREE pro is only slightly faster than houdini 1.5a in this test , but its superiority , is beyond question chessgod Mac CB Azzad
Houdini 1.5 x64 (16core)
Did someone tested this chess engine - Houdini 1.5 x64_16core ?! Download Link:
Houdini 5.01 64-bit Matches for CCRL 40/40
Houdini 5.01 64-bit v Stockfish 8 64-bit ended at 26.0-26.0 PGN -
Portable Winboard 4.5.3 + Houdini 1.5a!
The best settings for the engine Houdini 1.5a x64
The best settings for the engine Houdini 1.5a x64 Welcome everyone I will explain the best settings for the engine Houdini So we need to first follow the steps below very carefully 1. we will adjust the settings interface ( Deep Shredder 12 an
Re-compiled Stockfish 3 win64 by JA vs Houdini 3 pro ended
Test stopped as i am sure this re compile is "buggy" it is not as strong as pre stokfish 3 compiles , 12 hours of testing ended with it minus 81 ELO , that simply cannot be right and i cannot find fault at this end but
Houdini 2.0c with "g" settings
Houdini 2.0c with "g" settings ~15 ELO strong than Houdnini 2.0c Code:5F717974702A202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202428161E2024 Tested: Code:    Program                 
Houdini has a problem with the tactic
Houdini has a problem with this item. The best move is L: h5 or Lg4 Only 0.9 critter is located. Maybe I am too weak processor? Please test yours.
New:Houdini 2 Chess Benchmarks are Acceptable!
Hello Chess Friends, I have just started a new Houdini 2 BenchMark List *Note:I switched from Houdini 1.5a to Houdini 2,due to H2.0 supports up to 32 cores *How to run Houdini 2 Chess Benchmarks (on YouTube): For
the best match between ------ world's number one and two (houdini Vs. critter)
the match was supposed to be a tie but let's see what kind of magic happens at the end [pgn] [Event "Computer Chess Game"] [Site "USER01"] [Date "2013.03.08"] [Round "24"] [White "Houdin
IPON - BayesElo 0056 result: Houdini pushes Rykba off top of "offical " rateings list
IPON - BayesElo 0056 result: List of best single engines, one engine per Author: Name Elo + - games score oppo. draws 1 Houdini 1.03a * 2952 19 19 1000 73% 2790 34% 2 Deep Rybka 4
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