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Music is life, music is what keeps us together, Therefore, lets find some music together!
Hey guys! I thought I'd put together alittle playlist with some of my favorite songs. Please comment the link to any other song you think I should add, thanks loves! Thanks!
Background Music
Have you guys ever changed the BGM in the clubs? -- the Asylum, the Confession, the Asp Hole, the Vesuvius, and all. It's really fun to do. I replaced those BGMs with Suede's songs (They are a Britpop band from 90's) And they fit just perfectly! i.e. I
Cadenza 1: Music, Betrayal and Death
Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death by Mad Head Games - April, 2014 Series links: Cadenza 1: Music, Betrayal and Death, Cadenza 2: The Kiss of Death Available at: Big Fish as Collector's Edition / Standard Edition Listen... for the sound of
The Forum's Music Thread
Hello! As you've undoubtedly noticed, this was put in the Golden KTV section! Let's talk music. I'll start with the stuff I enjoy. I like different styles depending on my mood. I don't mind trash metal ; stuff from Metallica / Pantera is very
Anyone know where I get a .mdl decompiler
Hi, I was wondering where I could get a .mdl deconpiler so I can unpack some models/animations. It turns out the the ones I was looking at all use steam and I happen to have the original VTMB, the one with the disk so I can't use those. Right now I a
Music Game
This game is all about music. Please remember... all BGF rules apply please don't post more than once per page (spam) you need to be a member of Music Appreciation Club to play Here's how to play! CheerBear43 will start by picking a kid
Music : What is everyone listening to?
Ok I have a ver eclectic taste in music , currently I listeing to every cd Apocalyptica has and loveing every second of it. So what's everyone listening to?
Dota 2 Music
You can actually listen to Dota 2 music (NDA lifted and all) Dota 2 Trailer Music (Main Menu Theme) Dota 2 Trailer Music - Main Menu Theme - YouTube Dota 2 Hero Selection Music Dota 2 Hero Selection Music - YouTube
Rhythm, tone, music and song in roleplay.
There has been a question in the back of my mind while roleplaying Thelos for the longest time, now. How does one go about roleplaying song and music? Say that music is supposedly an important aspect of your character. How does one go about showcasing
New Music System - Information and how to add your own music!
So if you had any of your settings tweaked with the music system on postnuke, you may notice they where reset. This is because I got bored while on my way home from school and I decided to re-code the ENTIRE music system. It only took me an hour too... I'
Sheet Music Formatting Help
I transcribe music as a hobby of sorts, and recently I've downloaded MuseScore to write out lead sheets and other things with proper music notation. I'm rather new to formatting sheet music, I'm still trying to understand it all. I've transcribed this
Music . Which kind of music you like ?
Hi It´s me again here in MB forum I would like to know which kind of music you use to hear or have in your iPods and Computers.... I leave here one of my fauvorites: Smewhere Over The Rainbow
Theme Tune And/Or Trailer music thread
Hey all, I've made a basic draft track for thrive Unfortunately I couldn't get the Thrive freesound account to work (The Java upload applet) so I used 4shared. Heres the track: Thrive.mp3 Thoughts? :] (It ain't finished... it was a 1-hour
Calm music :D
love this music
7 Legends music
BRB, my browser is going slow for some reason, WILL EDIT THIS POST/THREAD ASAP. EDIT: Ok Firefox had corrupted profiles. T_T Anyway, post music you think will be good for a certain scene in the 7 Legends. WARNING: This thread contains possible
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