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G Day All, Rather than just copy & paste this thread from the old forums, I thought may as well start a new one but only post 5 clips instead of a million and 1 eanch time I like pretty much all types of music bar rap I don't really go much on
Evan and Transformice. Ejaculating 8 year olds?
[23:07:40] @ Evan : And bored again.. [23:08:03] Korasi : Ohyahmun.. [23:08:07] Korasi : transformice?. [23:08:18] @ Evan : What?. [23:08:58] Korasi : Transformice?. [23:09:00] Korasi : Wanna play?. [23:09:29] @ Evan : Whats
Anybody plays transformice here? If you do add me 'iillee'
If you ever make an account or get on tfm, go to thisroom: uk1 i am always in that room c: I am practicing being a sham.. see you there@
Touhou Music
WHO KNOWS ABOUT TOUHOU??!!! I'd like to introduce the YTchorus community about Touhou... (and hopes to have some more Touhou choruses ^.^) Touhou Project a doujin game (NOT AN ANIME) is made by ZUN, the only member of Shanghai Alice. ZUN does
Wolfenstein 3D Music Collection
Wolfenstein 3D Music Collection Jimmy Cozad has put together a large collection of wolfenstein music including mac 3d, pc, snes, rtcw, atari and jag. Included in the compilation is the nazi theme and 2 redos that Jimmy did. Available here. (40Mb)
Japanese Music Dream.
Here is where I download most of my Japanese Music other than torrent sites. It's uploaded in mediafire so you need not worry to wait. Japanese Music Dream *o* Hope you enjoy!
SWTOR Music!
Hey all! The folks over at ToR have decided to let us in on some of the musical selections from the game. Every day between now and the 20th, they'll be releasing a new track! Here's the track from today: ~D
CD version - not playing music
I have the CD version of Turok 2 and running it on Windows 7 64. Although the game itself runs fine, it will not play the music from the CD. I first had this issue in Windows XP but it appears I have the same problem with Windows 7. Does anyone know ho
Background Music
Have you guys ever changed the BGM in the clubs? -- the Asylum, the Confession, the Asp Hole, the Vesuvius, and all. It's really fun to do. I replaced those BGMs with Suede's songs (They are a Britpop band from 90's) And they fit just perfectly! i.e. I
What else do you play?
I know a lot of you play Fantage, but I was wondering what other computer games you guys are into. Here, you can post meet-ups and events for any site (Except Fantage) and talk about games you enjoy.
SCANDAL「MUSIC UNLIMITED」 Performance Confirmed)
Fresh News From SCANDAL BLOG, Ok here's the deal guys~ SCANDAL will be performing on this year's Music Unlimited's 1st Anniversary here's the information:- This Will Be A 2-Day Performance, The Girls Will Be Performing On The Second Day(Let's hope Ya
Dota 2 Music
You can actually listen to Dota 2 music (NDA lifted and all) Dota 2 Trailer Music (Main Menu Theme) Dota 2 Trailer Music - Main Menu Theme - YouTube Dota 2 Hero Selection Music Dota 2 Hero Selection Music - YouTube
Today's Music is awful
I really don't like the new generation of music.It's trule gone down a new low.With nothing but craptastic Pop and abysmal Rap ruling over it's not even funny.Now im a huge fan of Old School Rap,Metal,Alternative,Classic Rock and Techno.The music suits my
Possible to change Music?
I recently bought the Steam Edition of VTMB and Installed Camarilla Edition 1.4. I am very pleased to say it worked just fine ^^. It turns out it wasnt this mod that was causing problems, it was the disks. I'm sorry for blaming the CE. On to my
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