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"What is the weekend gift code for the game airport city"

America to get a legit hentai game
Warning: The video is censored, but you've been warned. Record of Agarest War. It's got gameplay like every normal game, but its got hentai/ecchi too.
VIB Gift for June 2012: Fish Hat
If you're subscribed to the VIB Program this month, there's a cute Fish Hat waiting for you on your Bear Mail!
Discussion: Underage Hentai
Apparently an American citizen is able to face 20 years of prison for owning underage hentai (hentai involving minors). I think this is rather wrong, since it's 1) thought crime and 2) a fews steps away from locking people in jail for playing video
Hentai Medic : Einhanderです...
My late intro thread Here goes Name: Zei IGNEn: Einhander Fave Bots: Hatigarm, Bugsycait, Amateus, Blowupbots, lolibots. In-game Tactics: Idle mode, Lollihumping Played CB since Dec. 24ish 2010 I just started this thread since I recently
-2147287038 (Unspecified Error 0x80030002) I d/c after a few minutes of playing!
I start normally, logging in, and all. Since im new, I just go kill some snail and mushrooms trying to level up. All of a sudden I just randomly d/c. I've tried staying online multiple times, but it, sadly, doesnt work. I have also got BOTH beta files. Fo
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